The aesthetic appeal of a home increases manifold with the right decor, artistic and creative deck and gorgeous eco-styling. Landscaping and gardening are commonly being incorporated in residential and commercial buildings not only to beautify the place, but also for various environmental, economic and health reasons. We, at Pristine Landscaping have been beautifying homes and public spaces with utmost care for many years. We are renowned as one of the best landscaping companies in Miami, Florida. We strive to provide you with innovative and finest landscaping ideas along with design, installation, and maintenance of gardens, landscapes, and others in residential and commercial properties.

At Pristine Landscaping, we use top of the line equipment that is handled by experienced professionals. We make sure that our energetic people transform your dream of having an attractive home into reality. Our first step involves a thoughtful session and thorough understanding of what our clients expect. We also evaluate the property construction details and discuss everything minutely with the client so that we can deliver the best to you within your estimated budget.

What We Do?

If you are looking for landscaping that adds value to your home, makes it attractive and creates green buffer zones thereby enhancing the livability of your community – choose us! We are Miami’s best landscaping company who efficiently do gardening and landscaping for commercial and residential property owners. We create innovative and exceptional living spaces out of your everyday use areas so that you can have high class living area that can be functional, healthy and also a soothing treat to your eyes. The simple and somber usual living space can be transformed into a personal haven with the pure bliss of greenery done by the touch of our experts.

With a modest beginning, we have grown and expanded ourselves both as a team and as a company by gaining constant knowledge in the latest techniques of landscape gardening. Our experience and positive feedbacks have made us stand proudly as the benchmark company for extraordinary gardening and landscaping services in South Florida.

Our base of operation

For us, Miami is just one of the bases where we operate. Our services are widespread and you can get our services throughout Florida. Following the industry standards,  we strive and thrive to achieve perfection in whatever we do.

We have an elite team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to serve you for all your gardening and outdoor space-related work. Our team uses the best and latest tools and equipment to get the work done faster and perfectly. We always aim to get the designs done for maximum benefits at economical costs.  We target bit by bit so that the detailing can be done perfectly, instead of aiming to do overall task with generic standards. We assure you to give a design that is a masterpiece and a special addition to your home.

Our Aim & Motto

Our motto is to save your time in landscaping your home or office as we are geared up with the best landscaping architecture plans when we reach the landscape design project. Our potential resources prove that our landscape designers can actually put the exact designs and ideas of the mind on paper. Our landscape design professionals sketch out the landscaping plans minutely before implementing them on the spot.

Our goals and aims are purely lead by the systematic approaches we follow and these have shaped us as the champions in the industry. With our helpful professional landscaping advice, you can plan for a prominent outdoor landscape. We aim to build an environment for you that will give enjoyment for years with peace of mind and pleasant look.

With passing years, we have gained confidence as our strength pillars have been our existing client. With all these, Pristine Landscaping has been the first choice for people looking for extraordinary landscaping and outdoor design.

What we provide?

When it comes to making the most of your space with eco-friendly greenery ideas, then Pristine Landscaping is the premier choice for both commercial and residential property owners. We are not only into lawn care but our main task is to create a personal paradise for you at your space where you can enjoy, relax and recoil from a busy day with your family. We understand that every client is different and thus their requirements will also be different. Hence, we look forward to understanding what our clients want and we design everything accordingly to cater to their needs. We make sure that our skilled representatives walk hand in hand with you in every phase of development and progress. For us, a home does not stop at the front door and has way more than that.

We have our hand on excellence and unparalleled skills. Our services include everything starting from design, installation, maintenance, tree trimming, lawn care, consultation, hardscape, irrigation system and beautiful water aspects and lighting for outdoor and garden spaces. We offer personal care for your garden and outdoor spaces and landscapes and other water aspects like fountains, pools, waterfalls etc. so as to make them last long and serve you better.

With a pleasing visual and auditory effect, water features enhance the look of your space. It helps in reducing intrusive noise and giving you a serene and peaceful environment where you can relax with your family. Our other services include arbors, retaining walls, gazebos and other beautification structures that will make your home a real paradise for you.

We don’t stop at installation of the garden fixtures, but we extend the services in coming years to keep well maintained. We are available to do the lawn care, maintenance of your garden, landscape, hardscape, waterfall, fountains, in tree trimming and what not.

All you have to do is contact us whenever you need our services and we shall prove that beautifying your home is not only your passion, but ours too!

We shall provide you with an estimated budget of the work along with a sample design in the beginning. You can also let us know your requirements and we will start accordingly once everything is discussed. With Pristine Landscaping, you can create your very own personal haven exactly the way you want and can enjoy the bliss of the place at economical quotes. We are waiting to hear from you!